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Promotional -> Stickers, Shaped

Precious Feet, Promotional, Stickers, Shaped

Item: 600PF

Group: Promotional, Stickers, Shaped

Price: $0.39 - $0.99

Gold foil Precious Feet stickers are perfect for sticking a shiny, realistic looking gold pair of feet anywhere. The round clear plastic backing blends in with any surface. They add brilliance to letters, computers, book covers, telephones, reports, business cards or anywhere you want to stick ...

TRUMP - Pro-Life Choice, Promotional, Stickers, Shaped

Item: 3301PL

Group: Promotional, Stickers, Shaped

Price: $0.35 - $1.99

The pro-life vote must choose Trump. There are simply too many lives of innocent unborn babies on the line. We must vote pro-life.  President Trump has stood up for life again and again in his presidency. His second term would save hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of unborn lives. ...

Voting Saves Lives, Promotional, Stickers, Shaped

Item: 3302VS

Group: Promotional, Stickers, Shaped

Price: $0.35 - $1.99

Voting can and does save lives - but do others know that? This message helps the viewers understand the importance of their vote - a pro-life vote is going to save lives! Stickers are a time honored way to get the message out to thousands of people with very little effort. You can stick them on ...

Unplanned But Never Unwanted, Promotional, Stickers, Shaped

Item: 3303UN

Group: Promotional, Stickers, Shaped

Price: $0.35 - $1.99

There are families waiting to adopt babies across our nation even as millions are killed before being born. This message makes a clear statement that the baby may be unexpected but that doesn't change the fact that there are many who are willing to raise and love that child. Stickers are a time ...

Generation Pro-Life, Promotional, Stickers, Shaped

Item: 3300GP

Group: Promotional, Stickers, Shaped

Price: $0.59 - $2.99

Abortion has been legal in the United States for more than two generations; but THIS generation knows the true person-hood of the unborn. Join in support of this truth using this stylish "Generation Pro-Life" sticker.



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