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PACK (50): Abortion): The Black Woman's Voice, Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Information

Item: 975TB-P

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Information

Price: $11.00 - $24.50

By Juluette Bartlett Pack. An eye-opening account of high profile black women who speak out against an abortion industry that intentionally targets blacks and other minorities. These women reveal the racist beginnings of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, who believed certain ...

PACK (50): Top 10 Questions Asked About Abortion, Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Information

Item: 9524TA-P

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Information

Price: $11.00 - $24.50

The latest in the “Top 10 Questions” series by Molly Kelly and Mark Houck. The reader is left with no room for doubt about the nature of abortion. To the question, “What is an abortion?” the authors answer, “Abortion is the killing of a pre-born child in the womb of his or her mother.” Subsequent answers ...

An Informed Look at Abortion Techniques, DVDs, Abortion Procedures

Item: 7793AL

Group: DVDs, Abortion Procedures

Price: $27.95 - $29.95

Abortion techniques in all three trimesters are sensitively explained showing surgical tools and non-graphic medical illustrations. It also covers and explains Plan B as well as RU 486. Use this powerful teaching tool to reach hearts and minds in the decision for life. Carol Everett, ...

Post Abortion Healing, DVDs, Post Abortion

Item: 77982PA

Group: DVDs, Post Abortion

Price: $89.95 - $89.95

Abortion, while extremely common and legal in our country today, leaves scars and wounds, some physical, some emotional, and some psychological. Even the person that seems unscathed bears the hurts and wounds from this choice. Told through the stories of women who suffered from their abortions ...

Abortion Pill Reversal, Promotional, Yard Signs

Item: 2491AP

Group: Promotional, Yard Signs

Price: $7.99 - $14.99

With this simple message you can help a woman have a second chance to save her pregnancy by reversing the abortion pill process she has begun. Printed on both sides of very long-lasting corrugated plastic with UV resistant ink, these signs are excellent for vigils (they are light weight and stand up ...

PACK (50): Post Abortion Syndrome, Abortion/Pro-Life, Post Abortion

Item: 970PA-P

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Post Abortion

Price: $11.00 - $24.50

By Dr. David Reardon. Millions of women have had an abortion since 1973 and many of them are suffering mental complications known as Post Abortion Syndrome. Dr. Reardon, who is a national expert on this topic, explains the symptoms and the risk factors of PAS. He explains who is vulnerable, what the ...

PACK (50): Myths, Men and Abortion, Silent No More

Item: 915MM-P

Group: Silent No More

Price: $11.00 - $24.50

This is an excellent resource written by Kevin Burke, Pastoral Associate for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. Abortion can be perceived as a purely female issue. But abortion can negatively impact the men who participate in the abortion and later regret their lost fatherhood. The brochure ...

PACK (50): You're Considering Abortion, Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Minded

Item: 928YC-P

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Minded

Price: $11.00 - $24.50

Have you ever needed an authoritative, documented list of complications that can occur with abortions? Here it is in an easy to understand brochure that can be used with any audience. It is written from a medical standpoint, without overt Pro-Life words. It simply presents the real facts of ...

PACK (50): What the Baby Experiences During Abortion, Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Information

Item: 9482BF-P

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Information

Price: $11.00 - $24.50

A startling discussion of the time frame surrounding abortions in America, and of a baby’s ability to feel pain as it develops and grows in the mother’s womb. Fully illustrated and documented, this stark presentation leaves no room for doubt about the “right or wrong” of the anti-abortion ...

PACK (50): What's so Bad About Abortion, Silent No More

Item: 9994WS-P

Group: Silent No More

Price: $11.00 - $24.50

This brochure speaks to both the horrors of abortion and to the regret felt by women who have undergone an abortion. The National Silent No More Awareness Campaign wants to share the truth with the general public about the negative consequences of abortion for women. The campaign is also reaching ...

PACK (50): What Can I Do to Stop Abortion?, Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Information

Item: 926WC-P

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Information

Price: $11.00 - $24.50

Pro-Life? Want to make a difference? Many people have their hearts in the right place, but just don’t know what to do about a problem as big as the abortion issue. This handy brochure has 22 effective ways to get going. From ways to pass out literature, to financial support of Pro-Life groups, to ...

PACK (50): The Abortion Timeline, Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Information

Item: 9367AT-P

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Information

Price: $11.00 - $24.50

In the United States each year, during their last 18 weeks of gestation, more than 13,000 American babies are killed by abortion. Here is a graphic description of the time frame during which abortion is legal. With words and pictures, the baby’s progression is followed from conception to birth. ...

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