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Group Fetal Models, 11-14 Week Models
Item PACK (100): The Young One
Item Number 754YO-P
Material Hard Plastic
Material Color Pink
Process Machine Mold
Size 0.75W x 2.25H x 1.12T
Weight 27.82 Oz.
Includes English Development Card
Pack Pricing Mix-n-Match only in pack sizes.
Pack Size 100
Description: The “Young One”
  • The “Young One” tells the story of God’s glorious creation quickly and effectively.
  • Each “Young One” includes an informational card which is available in either English or Spanish.
  • Available in brown and white.
  • Representative of a baby from 11-12 weeks post-conception.
  • Used throughout the world by many pro-lifers in their effort to promote the culture of life.
  • An inexpensive and effective model, allowing for wide distribution at a low cost.
  • Mix and match colors and languages in quantities of 100+.


This product is no longer available

Customer Reviews

I am always so pleased when a client takes the Young One in her hand and cradles the little model. She is amazed of the development at 11-12 weeks. A great tool for all clients.
By: Nadine
Inserted: 12/31/2018

I bought about 25 of these 20 years ago, to give to my 9th grade girls in Sunday School during "Sanctity of Life" week. Several weeks later, one of the girls found out she was pregnant. Her parents told me that she was keeping the baby. The Young One model truly became significant in her life. Recently, I was cleaning out a box and found a few of the models. I am passing them to our church's youth pastor, in hopes that these will once again, hit the mark for which they have been made. Thank you!
By: Doylene Gilliland
Inserted: 11/6/2018

This very model was given to me by a professor during a summer bio course. Years later, it saved my first son from an abortion. 24 years and 4 more children later, it has left a lasting impressing to say the least. I now hand them out to my Confirmation students.
By: mom5kids
Inserted: 11/4/2018

The lifelike model and information card are beautiful. We like to use them at an info table at church, and at events and conventions to inform people and share with those who would like one!
By: Cynthia N
Inserted: 9/30/2015

I recently worked a pro life booth where these fetal models were given out. Children really like getting one and touching it. The development card that goes along really completes the message. I'm ordering these models for our own upcoming county fair respect life booth.
By: John
Inserted: 9/3/2014

We use these models when we speak in schools and youth groups. The teens are amazed to see that they were once this size. At the end of a presentation, I often ask the students key questions regarding information they learned during the talk. I offer the model as a prize for correct answers. Hands shoot up to answer and to get a baby! The kids love these.
By: Judy Welsh
Inserted: 7/4/2014

This is my favorite model which I've used for displays for 30+ years. They are easy to package and affordable. A friend of mine will take quantities of them with her when she travels to Latvia for pro-life work. There is no language barrier with the models.
By: Cathy Evans
Inserted: 6/16/2014

We have given these fetal models out at our County Fair table and adults as well as children love picking them up and looking at them. It is such a visual for educating everyone how well we are developed at 10 - 12 weeks. How could anyone doubt it is a baby in the mother's tummy?
By: Barbara Hintz
Inserted: 4/30/2014

These models are perfect for showing the otherwise skeptical pregnant mom or male that believes a baby is a blob of tissue. It's great to have a little card to give with them as well.
By: ellen
Inserted: 4/21/2014

We use these at all our Right to Life events, fairbooths, dinners, youth days at schools. Great way to show the truth - 'it's a baby'. Great start to get the conversation going on the pro-life subject. The card with information is just right, basic enough for youth, comprehensive enough and education for the adults as well.
By: Warren & Peggy Porter
Inserted: 4/7/2014

Very accurate in size and proportions. However, the plastic is very hard and feels cold in the hand. Affordable to buy in bulk and great visual aid.
By: Patti Smith
Inserted: 2/17/2014

We use these with our Earn While You Learn program just before our clients go in for their ultrasound. The comments we get most often from our clients is "wow we didn't realize how perfectly formed a baby is at this stage".
By: Chantelle
Inserted: 1/31/2014

These fetal models will once again show the children in our Sunday school what a life looks like at 10 weeks old. During the month of February we will be working with the youth of our church to teach them the value and importance of human life. We are small in numbers but big in spirit. Each child will be given a baby to take home as a visual reminder. It is our prayer that the children share this story with those they meet as only children can. We want our children to grow to know God values them from conception and that they are His children. Thank you for the amazing product you make available to support life.
By: Shelley
Inserted: 1/29/2014

We gave these little ones out at the Respect Life tent at the Indiana State Fair and so many of the children wanted one of them. They did not know that this is what an unborn child looks like. This is a wonderful, affordable tool.
By: Kathleen
Inserted: 1/12/2014

We have been using these for years with our students. Great visual to help students understand the sacredness of life! Thanks so much for providing these for our pro-life unit!!
By: Glenda
Inserted: 1/6/2014

I use these babies when I give my talks to the classrooms about the development of babies in the womb. I have done from grade 3 to college. The students are astounded by them when you ask them to compare them to their hands with the additional info of what the baby can do at this stage I give them to all the kids to keep. I stress that they should never mark them or damage them cause God will use those babies to help someone who needs it. I tell them to put it in the back corner of their drawer. It will never get lost there and when the right time comes, God will remind them. I also stress that they have to keep the little card that explains the model with the baby. I like these cause they truly do look like the baby at this gestational age(large head, large tummy).
By: Laureen
Inserted: 12/22/2013

I love these! We give them out whenever we set up a pro-life educational table at an event. We give them out free with the info cards that come with them. Little kids love them! Kids even under one year old love to hold them- just the right size for them to play with. Teens are very interested in them - these are the same age PP kills every day- but yet, they're not just a blob of tissue! Amazing!
By: Sue
Inserted: 12/4/2013

We received these at a March for Life in Washington, D.C. a few years back. They are very powerful and I have given them to friends and family.
By: Alexa
Inserted: 11/2/2013

These are great to get the message out quickly outside of an abortion clinic when time is of the essence. My little ones also love to play with these. :)
By: Carrie
Inserted: 10/30/2013

These little figures really help us with sidewalk counseling as well as remind us what we are fighting for.
By: Rolando Flores
Inserted: 10/7/2013

We have staffed a pro-life booth at the South Carolina State Fair every year since 1974. The 10-12 week fetal models still shock people into understanding how the baby is fully formed. I like the hard plastic models because they are anatomically correct and emphasize that the right to life is equally an issue for men as it is for women.
By: Holly Gatling
Inserted: 10/7/2013

I think the model is powerful because of it's size but I agree that the soft ones are more realistic which provides the abortion minded mother with a more soft and "real" picture. I would purchase the softer ones. If you plan to give them away...these are more economical.
By: Chelsea
Inserted: 9/29/2013

I have used these models for several years by having them available when we do our prolife displays outside of church in October and January. We have a couple ladies who sew little "blanket pouches" for them so we can put the baby and the little card explaining fetal development together. Kids love to get their own baby and adults pick them up too. Four stars only because the soft models may be more realistic, but these are very economical for us to use.
By: Lynette
Inserted: 9/26/2013

We have used the models during Respect Life Sunday. The children love them! The adults ask questions and are amazed at how perfectly formed the models are. They are a great conversation starter!
By: Carol Elliott
Inserted: 9/24/2013

We use these Young Ones at event booths. They are very popular with the children. With proper explanation, this is good sex education for small children.
By: Tony Humphreys
Inserted: 9/11/2013

We have used these babies at our county fair for over ten years. We place a basket right next to the Touch of Life models and encourage every person to take one. They are a wonderful witness to the humanity of the unborn child.
By: Michelle
Inserted: 8/24/2013

It is amazing how something as cheap as the "young one" could be as significant when it directly touched our students hands. We used 30 of them in our Sexuality course, giving the opportunity to each student to "feel" and "analyze" them for some minutes... the results are always positives.
By: Claudia Hernández
Inserted: 7/29/2013

These are a great hands on visual aid esecially for young people. We had ordered a few hundread for a special project but had a bunch left over. So we used the remainder for a youth retreat. They were perfect to show the group of teens size of a 10 - 12 week old baby. You could see it on their faces and tell from the questions they asked once they got their hands on them. The cards were also very informative for them as well.
By: Peter
Inserted: 6/22/2013

We give these models out along with our pro life rosaries and cards. The model is durable and accurate, and children LOVE them. My granddaughter has always called hers "baby".
By: Ednamae
Inserted: 6/22/2013

We have used these baby models at the Follow-Up Meetings with the couples that took Natural Family Planning classes. In my opinion, this the the most practical and effective way to use them.
By: Martha Miller
Inserted: 5/13/2013

We use the Young Ones models as give aways at the Hike for Life, Texas - Brownville. The response of the people is very positive. They are an affordable method to communicate the Pro-Life message, without saying a word. The model and the card are all we have to give to the people. The Spanish version really hits a cord with the Latinos.
By: Martin
Inserted: 3/26/2013

These babies have been great to bring to functions to give away. I have heard more than once that someone would bring one of these babies back to a pregnant friend or relative.
By: Sharon Stice
Inserted: 3/20/2013

These are great tools for the price. I use them in displays to speak for life but mostly as gifts to expectant clients following ultrasound. Our volunteers package them in little wedding favor boxes with pink or opalescent shredded packaging so the package further conveys the idea of the gift God has placed in their lives. Makes them feel special.
By: Vicky RN
Inserted: 3/18/2013

I went to the March for Life last week in Washington 2013 & we were given these & I love it! Am ordering more to teach awareness to others.
By: Sherry
Inserted: 1/31/2013

I am a science teacher for a large group of home educated students. I use these inexpensive models when I cover the reproductive system where we focus in on life in the womb. I also use it in my Health Education class where we discuss many social issues, including abortion. These never fail to have a huge impact on my students. Many have kept their "model" as a witnessing tool.
By: Connie
Inserted: 1/3/2013

I used this model for years in my abstinence classes in public schools. It was a useful tool to impress on their minds what the baby looked like in the womb. Very economical to give away as well. Today I use the 'Precious One' instead as it is so much more lifelike and many have told me "it feels so real". I think it really sticks in their mind after they touch them. Thanks for this product you have had for years to help make educating the public easier.
By: Eleanore Warner
Inserted: 12/26/2012

I ordered a couple of hundred of these in bulk for a special project. I included one fetal model & a series of Pro-Lfie prayers in a ziploc snack bag and handed them out to a large Pro-Life group. The inexpensive fetal model when carried in one's pocket or purse is a constant reminder to pray for the Pro-Life cause. I myself have one in my pocket right now that I have carried for over two year to remind me daily of my commitment to the cause.
By: Peter
Inserted: 12/18/2012

I don't care for this model. I think it is worth the extra money to buy the more realistic models. This one lacks detail and is cold and hard.
By: Sherry
Inserted: 11/27/2012

I use these fetal models when we do our spiritual adoptions for our 7th and 8th grade CCD students. When the babies are 12 weeks old we give the students their own fetal model. The students love them and name their adopted baby.
By: Virginia Dougherty
Inserted: 11/26/2012

The fetal models are well-made for the price and easily affordable for bulk purchasing & lots of educating! Recommend.
By: Mary
Inserted: 10/25/2012

Used these in the past. They are effective, but not as realistic as the rubber models. If you do not want to go up in price for the rubber models, these are still a wonderful tool in sidewalk counseling.
By: Diane
Inserted: 10/18/2012

Have used these babies when sidewalk counseling at an abortion clinic. It helps women in a crisis pregnancy to think about the baby in her womb.
By: Teresa
Inserted: 10/10/2012

I use these whenever we have a prolife event at Church. People marvel at the model. It is amazing that some people don't know the facts of fetal develpoment. These models are a good icebraker in a discussion on of fetal development. The card that acccompanies each model is very informative.
By: Sandra
Inserted: 10/4/2012

This was the first fetal mdel I purchased and I love it! It definitely gets people talking and I really love to have something tangible for people to see the actual size. I carry it in my purse, always!
By: Tara Withey
Inserted: 10/2/2012

This model does amaze people when they see the actual size of a baby at 12 weeks, however, the plastic is kind of cold and hard; I prefer the soft ones.
By: Stephanie
Inserted: 9/30/2012

These are wonderful to give out at any event and especially to clients so they can understand development.We put them in little crocheted buntings & people love them.
By: Sheri
Inserted: 9/19/2012

When I became the director of the respect life office, the previous dir. gave me alot of brochures and these babies. I wasn't thrilled about them because they are hard plastic. I did pass them out to students when I was giving a talk on respect life. The students were amazed that this is the actual size of a 10-12 week old child! They didn't mind the hard plastic!
By: Deb
Inserted: 9/13/2012

I do not care for these models at all. Too hard and cold
By: Dee
Inserted: 9/11/2012

These models are very effective.
By: Julie D.
Inserted: 9/7/2012

Just ordered 400 of these to carry on pro-life event in Romania. The best educational tool to use for education in countries where abortion is rampant. We use them daily at CPC where I counsel.
By: Bridget
Inserted: 8/29/2012

We love our rubber babies!! They are a wonderful tool for life to engage a lady with a decision that she truly is carrying a baby.Thanks so much for all you do!!
By: Suzan Straten
Inserted: 8/29/2012

When we have a booth at an event in the community, it is fun to see the interest the children show when they see this fetal model. No one ever turns down an offer to have one.
By: Chris
Inserted: 8/27/2012

The Young One is a fabulous educat ional tool which I have given away to so many young people. Especially when given to a child, they always say BABY with a smile. There will be no doubt in their minds as they grow older that babies begin as little people. They will not believe the lie that pregnancy is a disease, or something other than a BABY. I wish I could give one to every school child in the USA. Abortion would come to a grinding halt. Thank you so much for all that you do.
By: Angela Heiter
Inserted: 8/20/2012

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