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Group Promotional, Car Magnet, Ribbon
Item Choose Life
Item Number 2558CL
Material Outdoor Magnet
Process Screen Printed
Imprint Color Pink, Blue
Imprinted With UV Resistant
Size 3.5W x 8H
Weight 1.07 Oz.
Description: Display your support for life using a magnet on your car or any other metal surface. These magnets will last in all types of weather and are easily removed.


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Art Fee
3.5"x8" mag. ribbon, 1-color
3.5"x8" mag. ribbon, 1-color
3.5"x8" mag. ribbon, 1-color
3.5"x8" mag. ribbon, 1-color
3.5"x8" mag. ribbon, 1-color
3.5"x8" mag. ribbon, 1-color

Customer Reviews

The car magnet ribbons are very popular at my booth at the county fair. They went so fast last year I had to order a larger quantity this year! It is a great way to get the pro-life message out there. I have one on my car & it stays on well. I always hope that it affects everyone who sees it.
By: Mary Caldera
Inserted: 12/31/2018

Good quality car magnets. These are very popular at our 40 Days table. We do ask for a donation for them and they last forever!
By: Jane
Inserted: 12/29/2018

I would love to buy more of this and the other ribbon magnets! Many of those who received these are looking for more as their friends would want also to have one on their cars! A very encouraging result that serves as an inspiration for me and my family to buy and share more...for free. After all, life is priceless!
By: rome
Inserted: 12/14/2014

I had 2 of these on my car for a number of years (maybe close to 10 years?). I took them off when getting my car washed otherwise they stayed on year-around. Eventually, they did crack and break so I am replacing them now. Obviously giving a positive message wherever I went. I never received any negative feedback. So be brave and display these magnets with positive messages.
By: Laura
Inserted: 8/25/2014

We sale these are all of our events and do well with them. Also they are the ones that I chose to display on my personal vehicle. I have two one on each side of my truck and have been thanked for displaying this pro life message and helping to remind others the value of life and true choice
By: Kanda Mowbray
Inserted: 7/24/2014

We always run out of these at the pro life booth at the county fair. Even tho' we keep them in stock year round, fair goers love them.
By: Patricia Sands
Inserted: 6/4/2014

This item is a hit at our church. We see these on a lot of cars in our parking lot.
By: margaret rademan
Inserted: 11/26/2013

I ordered this one together with the different messages as giveaways during the 40 Days for Life 2013 Fall Campaign and for my car, even though I already have the CHOOSE LIFE tag. It's worth the effort of buying these car ribbon magnets when I saw my fellow prayer volunteers place the magnet ribbon right away in their cars. I would always love to spread the message around by buying more when I ran out!
By: Rommel G
Inserted: 9/28/2013

We order these with several different sayings. Choose Life, Life is Precious and God is Pro-Life are our best sellers along with Stop Abortion. It's nice to see people displaying these visual signs on their cars. People actually honk when they see this and give us thumbs up especially when we do "40 Days for Life"at Planned Parenthood Clinics. I give them to my kids to put on their cars in their different locations to stand up for what they believe in.
By: Betty
Inserted: 9/23/2013

We offered these at our annual October Life Chain, and people loved them! Our town is not large, so very quickly we saw them all over town. I am ordering more!
By: Dora
Inserted: 9/16/2013

Pro-life car magnets convey a powerful message and they're always a hit at our Respect Life Table in October!
By: Denise
Inserted: 9/15/2013

We gave these out as a thank you to our volunteers that help with our mailings every month! Love them.
By: kschultz
Inserted: 8/22/2013

We gave these to each of our Client Advocates as a gift for completing their initial training.
By: Ana Stooks
Inserted: 11/21/2012

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