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Title: 5-Minute Precious Feet Speech

Type: PDF

Inserted: 8/27/2012

Description: This is a short 5-minute speech that has been used many times to help raise funds for groups and organizations. Even more effective when used with the Precious Feet Fundraising Basket that is passed around right after the talk.

Title: History of the Precious Feet

Type: PDF

Inserted: 8/27/2012

Description: This brochure gives the history of the Precious Feet including their inspiration and acceptance by the pro-life community as the International Pro-Life Symbol.

Group Jewelry, Precious Feet
Item Silver
Item Number 100SIL
Material Nickel Finish
Material Color Silver
Process Cast
Size 0.394W x 0.394H
Weight 0.136 Oz.
Includes Milestones Card
Description: The "Precious Feet" lapel pin is the exact size and shape of an unborn baby's feet at 10 weeks after conception. The Precious Feet were designated as the "International Pro-Life Symbol" at a world-wide symposium in Dublin, Ireland in 1979. Perfect for handing out at church or providing for a small donation. IndividualAction


Customer Reviews

I like sharing these little feet with people. They show their opposition to abortion.
By: Alec Mason
Inserted: 10/18/2021

A friend at church gave us each a Precious Feet pin today. We will wear ours on a daily basis as we do the cross on the flag pin (June), and the CUFI pin (John). How anyone can equate murder (abortion) with compassion is beyond sane thinking!!
By: John and June Larsen
Inserted: 2/4/2019

We give these pins to our students at school every year and the children love them! Such a great and simple reminder of the life of the unborn.
By: Natasia Kissinger
Inserted: 1/4/2019

I received these as a gift and loved the inscription on the card. I wear them everyday and love their message. They inspired me to also purchase the hands.
By: Allison
Inserted: 1/2/2019

These lapel pins are great to give to the donors. They really love them! Well made.
By: TriArea Pregancy
Inserted: 12/31/2018

We give these Precious Feet out at our fair booth every year. People of all ages love them. They are a great way to start a conversation about pro-life.
By: Shelley
Inserted: 12/30/2018

I am a pastor and have been wearing one of these on my lapel for years! I hand them out to EVERY new visitor. I was opening the Indiana State Senate with Prayer in 2018 and never thought about these being on my lapel. Once the session was over I had at LEAST 5 Senators point to them and tell me how much they appreciated me wearing them. I have countless stories of how God has used these Precious Feet to allow me to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves!
By: Chad
Inserted: 12/29/2018

I wear the silver or gold Precious Feet pin daily. The silver one does not tarnish with age and is excellent quality. I buy several so that if someone comments on it, I can explain what it represents and ask if they would like mine.
By: Faye Grosek-Woods
Inserted: 12/29/2018

Over the years our pro-life organization, which covers Yonkers, NY and parts of NYC, has ordered tens of thousands of silver Precious Feet Pins. We distribute them at festivals, conferences, during educational presentations, outside Planned Parenthood and randomly on sidewalks, at the Cleaners while people are waiting for their laundry to be done and to the cashiers at checkout counters. It is so cool to see the positive reaction of so many people when you tell them the pin is a replica of an unborn baby's feet at 10 weeks after conception. So many are amazed by this! It never gets old distributing the pins! We will never forget the reaction of one middle-aged woman who was a cashier of a retail store. You would have thought we gave her a million dollars. We do not know what her story was but she was so happy and thanked us profusely for giving it to her!
By: Anthony Felicissimo
Inserted: 12/29/2018

For an all-around pro-life message, you can't go wrong with these Precious Feet pins. They're a classic, and we've always found this item to be of good quality.
By: Kathy S
Inserted: 12/29/2018

The little 10week feet pins have brought the reality of the unborn into the concrete concepts of those we minister to.
By: Monica
Inserted: 12/28/2018

Once more, we are out of these wonderful pins. Baby feet are just so precious, and these pins are a tangible reminder of the humanity of our precious unborn. We give these, not only at our Community Day booth, but at our annual Life Chain. A very effective tool.
By: Janice O'Brien
Inserted: 8/20/2014

LOVE them. I have had these pins for sooo long and they never rust, never break, and make great gifts for expecting mothers or big brothers and sisters!
By: Rebecca
Inserted: 8/11/2014

The Precious Feet pin is a good quality pin. As a prolife organization, we have many requests for the Precious Feet pins. They are a great way to show your support for the unborn as well as a conversation starter. As you put the pin on, it's also a great reminder to pray for an end to abortion!
By: Pat Vendal
Inserted: 5/3/2014

I volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center and our director gave each of us one of these beautiful lapel pins as a thank you. I love it and it really brings things into perspective when you realize the actual size of the unborn baby's feet.
Inserted: 4/24/2014

In my opinion, there is nothing cuter than baby feet! Tiny, Precious Feet to help celebrate the sanctity of human life is perfect! I bought these to thank volunteers who helped put our annual pregnancy center banquet together. It was a tough decision on which ones to get ~ gold, silver, etc., but everyone was pleased with their gift!
By: Alicia
Inserted: 4/15/2014

This pin has become very special to me as I miscarried at 12 weeks. When I held the little feet in my hand for the first time it was quite shocking how tiny, yet how perfectly formed, they are. I wear my pin as a proud Pro-Life advocate and in honor of my precious little baby now in heaven.
By: Cindy
Inserted: 3/31/2014

Our Board chairman of this pregnancy center wears his Precious Feet pin every day and has many people ask him about the pin. It's his way of spreading the news about our center. We have many new donors because of this witnessing pin.
By: Patti R.
Inserted: 3/5/2014

I've worked along side a coworker who has a coldness toward children year after year. So last year at the end of May, I purchased these Precious Feet and gave it to her. This year has been very different she laughs with the children and displays genuine affection. God is Good!
By: Esmeralda
Inserted: 3/3/2014

We have been using the Precious Feet pins at our pregnancy center since we opened in 2003. We give them to our clients who have had a positive pregnancy test. We also use these pins with our center literature packets that we give out at health fairs and promotional events. The pins are always a great conversational tool in the pro-life cause.
By: Penny
Inserted: 3/3/2014

These are one of my favorite things to give as a gift. They are such a wonderful silent witness.
By: Linda
Inserted: 3/2/2014

These are a special keepsake for someone who has lost a baby or even for those who are expecting!
By: Marion
Inserted: 1/30/2014

Wearing these feet is a statement to every person you meet. We have distributed these to members at our church for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. This year our Sunday School kids are sponsoring Owen's Mission as our 2014 Hearts for Jesus project. During the month of February we will be holding devotions, reading various scripture verses and discussing pro life issues. Owen's Mission is raising money to place Life Touch models in every Lutheran High school and Elementary school throughout the nation. This mission is in memory of Owen, Dr. Lamb's 20week old grandson who he had the privilege of holding in his hand at birth. Our prayer is to touch the lives of our children and prepare them for making a difference in the lives of others.
By: Shelley
Inserted: 1/29/2014

I order these every year to give out to my church congregation in honor of Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. They are great quality and the info shared inside the pamphlet is very informative. I send one to any friends that announce their pregnancy inside a congratulations card & they are always well received. Last year, about 7 months after giving the pins out on SOHL Sunday at my church, a member of our church approached me with a baby carrier with a new baby inside. The woman said, "This is the newborn daughter of my teenage niece. The tiny feet pin you gave out on SOHL Sunday many months ago saved this baby's life. I got the pin from you on Sunday," she said, "and my teenage niece discovered she was pregnant that Tuesday & was unsure if she would keep it. I remembered the pin you had given me, so I gave it to my niece & then referred her to the crisis pregnancy center that was discussed on SOHL Sunday. My niece chose life for her baby because of this pin." Boy was I blessed to hear that story!! God is good!!
By: Kristin
Inserted: 1/10/2014

Beautiful Precious Feet that are a great way for my tweens to witness for life. They've had several conversation opportunities when people ask them what they mean.
By: Carrie
Inserted: 10/30/2013

I remember receiving these as a very young child and I'm sure they were a big reason why I have always recognized the humanity of the unborn. Today I wear one on my apron at my serving job and pass them out to friends and anyone I meet who shows interest!
By: Megan Buehler
Inserted: 10/30/2013

You just can't beat these - the original Precious Feet in Gold & Silver. An affordable item that you can hand out for all sorts of special Pro-Life occasions - Marches for Life, Rosaries & Prayer Services, 40 Days for Life, or as a thank you for those that assist at fundraisers such as Pro-Life Baby Bottle Campaigns. We ordered 100 to give to our 80 volunteers for our Baby Bottle Campaign. They were all very appreciative.
By: Peter
Inserted: 10/27/2013

I love to use the feet pin to reach out to women at the clinics. This is how I met one of the moms I help. Most don't know what you are trying to give to them. Explaining why I want them to have the pin opens a conversation - it's really a great way to break the ice.
By: Julie
Inserted: 10/24/2013

Lovely! They are so cute and perfectly serve the purpose to educate people and have them compromise to defend life.:) I give them away as part of the pro-life talks we give in our diocese.
By: Mariana Schroeder
Inserted: 10/21/2013

I've been wearing my silver Precious Feet for over 5-years. Have received many comments which have started good conversations. Bless you and thanks!
By: Marissa
Inserted: 9/29/2013

I've worn the Precious Feet for many years, and have been passing them out since I took over our parish's pro-life ministry. I use them as give-a-ways at our ministry fair; being pinned to an information booklet is a great way to pass along important development information that they will look at later!
By: BobL
Inserted: 9/28/2013

I love to have these in supply to give out to friends and strangers. These work great at fundraisers and petition drives.
By: Deanna
Inserted: 9/25/2013

If I had to choose which item is my favorite on this site, it would be the Precious Feet pin. This is it! My husband and I always wear these and give them away to anyone who asks about the pin, including strangers and family members. We keep a supply in our van and at home. We have given these away at church, at Life Chains, at our Catholic school. In the past we have bought every color sold on this site, but the perennial favorite is the silver and brass. Great for moms-to-be! Get a bunch, share them with others, and expect smiles and sometimes tears!
By: Dora
Inserted: 9/16/2013

I received these from a Pro-life convention years ago in school. A must for pro-lifers!!
By: Elise A.
Inserted: 8/17/2013

I recently received one of these feet pins from a nurse at a hospital. My first baby girl was stillborn and when she found out she gave me this pin. I enjoy wearing it to remember my baby girl and to show how precious the life of each baby is.
By: Rebecca
Inserted: 7/19/2013

I have these Precious Feet in silver and gold. They come with an information card. I wear them on my hats, lapels and also give them out. Big impact.
By: Patti Smith
Inserted: 7/11/2013

Love these pins. They are a great conversation starter on life and fetal development. We give these out to our clients that take our prenatal class. Also, we gave them as gifts to all those that attended our banquet. We also have passed them out at community events and at churches after a presentation. Great witnessing tool!
By: Tricia Blasdel
Inserted: 7/1/2013

We have been involved in pro-life work since 1982. And it has been so wonderful having this little pin tell such a big story -- life is precious. Thank you.
By: Claire
Inserted: 6/23/2013

We distribute these to 7th graders and high schoolers (co-ed) after talking about baby development and abortion. They absolutely love them and often ask, "Can I have one for my friend?" Highly recommended.
By: Kelly
Inserted: 6/19/2013

I used these pins very effectively before I began ordering the pink, blue and white ones. I still use them occasionally, but the colored ones are more popular in my community.
By: John Caviness
Inserted: 6/18/2013

These are priceless!!! We love having these at our center. We give to our donors and volunteers and it is a great teaching tool for fetal development. Also a great conversation starter when you are out and about running errands with store cashiers, at the bank, airport or wherever!! Thanks Heritage House at making them so affordable!
By: Linda
Inserted: 4/18/2013

I wore my Precious Feet pin today for the first time. Surprisingly I made a stop at a store on my way home and was asked by a sales rep. if I could explain what they were. When I gave him the brief story and true meaning of these Precious Feet, he asked me if he could have them. I didn't hesitate and passed it on. Now I know I will need many more of these to spread the story and pray for the life of these precious unborn angels.
By: Sandra
Inserted: 4/7/2013

We have always ordered the gold pins but this last time we decided to try silver and gave them out at our banquet. Our guests loved the silver pins and several asked if they could have extra pins to give to friends. Really drives home the pro-life message.
By: Pat Todak
Inserted: 4/4/2013

I have worn these on my name badge for years as a nurse and now as a midwife. The midwives in my practice want them now too! Needless to say, I am ordering more. They are great!
By: Dionne
Inserted: 3/30/2013

We use the Precious Baby Feet pins to give clients that have decided to parent as well as a gift in our post-abortion class. They are also a wonderful give-away item at schools and fundraisers. Thank you Heritage House!
By: Diane
Inserted: 3/8/2013

We give these out to those who help in the ministry by being on the front lines at the abortion mills. They make a great thank you gift for donors and those who support in tons of areas.
By: Jocelyn
Inserted: 2/6/2013

I love the Precious Feet pins. What I have noticed especially is how easy they are to see even though they are so little. The statement being made is tremendous. So I know that mine is visible to others as well and, yes, they are sweet and precious conversation starters. They both promote and magnify my voice to the voiceless. ThANK YOU AND GOD BLESS
Inserted: 2/1/2013

We have given out these Precious Feet for years at our educational booths at conferences, state fairs, and youth presentation.... they are urged to wear them and tell others about the unborn.... changing hearts and minds one person at a time.
By: Ann Burger
Inserted: 1/19/2013

We have been ordering the silver Precious Feet for many years for our educational booths, state fairs, and youth presentations. When we give them out, we ask that they put it on, read the information about unborn development and pass this info onto others. These little feet can change hearts and minds, one person at a time
By: Ann Burger
Inserted: 1/19/2013

I have been buying these little feet for a long time. I use them in fundraising for our prolife organization brazil4life in Brazil
By: Ina Sobolewski
Inserted: 1/18/2013

The feet just help people that I meet to realize what a baby is before they come out to the world. I love it!
By: Anthony Gutierrez
Inserted: 1/16/2013

These feet have been instrumental in saving babies at the clinic where I go weekly with a prayer partner. We can often coach the driver (often the baby daddy) to come to us by holding out the card and asking them if we can give them something. When we tell them that these are the same size as a baby at 10 weeks, they are always shocked. Most take them with them as they head back into the clinic. We know they have changed many minds.
By: Lauren
Inserted: 1/16/2013

These Precious Feet mean so much to spread the word about how precious Life is. I have extra to share with my family and their friends all around the country. My Mom always wore these and now her children do too.
By: Lisa
Inserted: 1/12/2013

I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but I've had these little feet for almost forever and they are wonderful. I wear them everyday and they're a perfect conversation starter.
By: Valerie Johnson
Inserted: 1/10/2013

I have had this pin and card for years. It was given to me by a co-worker that does a lot of work with birth right. The quality is great as my pin still looks brand new.
By: Virginia
Inserted: 1/10/2013

I received a silver Precious Feet pin from our priest the first time I ever went on the March for Life and it made a real impression on me. I loved it because it was a real pro-life "visual". I now run our church bus trip to the March for Life each year and I provide them to all the passengers. We wear them on our hats and coats that day. Everyone loves them! These pins are great conversation starters and provide the opportunity to speak for the unborn. The accompanying card does a great job explaining exactly what it represents.
By: Candace Holzman
Inserted: 1/9/2013

I always keep a dozen in my purse to give freely! My husband and I have them on any and all cloths we wear at all time. Feedbacks are heart warming; we know for sure that a baby has been spared!
By: Nicole W.
Inserted: 1/9/2013

I give these away to all the waitresses at my local restaurants. Most of the girls are teenagers. I haven't had anyone refuse them yet, and I even had one girl come back to me and ask for a replacement because she lost hers, and she found out she was pregnant, and the baby's father wanted her to abort. She wanted to show him the pin and the card to try to change his thinking, but either way, she had already decided to keep her baby. She had the baby just recently - it's a girl!
By: Adam
Inserted: 1/9/2013

These Precious Feet are given to members of our state legislature near the anniversary of Roe v Wade. Many of the legislators wear them proudly!
By: Karen Clark
Inserted: 1/8/2013

These are at the pregnancy center I volunteer with. They are adorable and help people see what is going on with a baby at 10 weeks. The card that the feet are attached to really makes you stop and think. The feet are small enough, yet big enough for people to notice.
By: Cheryl
Inserted: 1/8/2013

Great way to advertise for Pro-life and I love the conversations I have because I wear them as earrings.
By: Juanita
Inserted: 1/5/2013

These silver baby feet are of very good quality. The color does not wear off and they look great for years. I have accidentally washed them in the washer and it hasn't affected the beauty of the pins. They are a good conversation starter. We have given away many of these.
By: Eleanore Warner
Inserted: 12/26/2012

These wonderful precious feet available in gold (100GIL) or silver (100SIL) are great for ordering in bulk. I have purchased hundreds over the last few years for different Pro-Life events and they are always a big hit. At this price you can afford to order a bunch and give them out to friends & collegues in the Pro-Life movement.
By: Peter
Inserted: 12/18/2012

We wear them and always get comments or questions. Then we give them away.
By: Joyce
Inserted: 12/8/2012

These are wonderful and very eye-catching. A very good starting point for good conversations about human development and precious life! We also have started selling these as our donors love them too. We give them as gifts to every new volunteer and it's always much appreciated!
By: Whitney
Inserted: 11/14/2012

St Francis of Assisi once said: "Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words." The precious feet handed out is a sermon without words.
By: George
Inserted: 10/9/2012

Best item ever from heritage house other than the soft touch models....one ot these feet saved a baby in front of our local abortion clinic! They really send the message home to others!
By: Susan
Inserted: 10/4/2012

I purchased one of these pins from a friend of mine, and every time I wear it, I get so many compliments. People will come up to me and ask why I am wearing feet? I have the opportunity to tell them, what they stand for!
By: Kayla Kessinger
Inserted: 9/21/2012

We give these pins to our volunteers and supporters. They all love them. It is a great reminder of how wonderfully we are all made.
By: Sheri
Inserted: 9/19/2012

We pass these out frequently at our pregnancy center. It's such a great visual to remind people of the sanctity and beginnings of life.
By: Julie
Inserted: 9/18/2012

We used the precious feet pins as prizes for our pro-life booth "sucker pull" at our parish picnic. The kids loved them, and after the precious feet sucker was eaten, they still had the precious feet pin to be a reminder and witness after the parish picnic.
By: Shelley
Inserted: 9/16/2012

We gave a bunch of these away as gifts, and kept some for our own lapels. They've held up now for years. The little card with the prenatal facts are an added bonus. I will be adding some more to this order as well.
By: Christine
Inserted: 9/13/2012

What an amazing visual! We know that babies have to be small to occupy the womb; however, it is difficult to realize just how small and how developed these little guys are at so young an age. I am doing a workshop on abortion. I have ordered some of these to use as handouts.
By: Betty Shaw
Inserted: 9/11/2012

I have been ordering and giving away Precious Feet since 1993 when I first learned of them. This tiny item is a "powerful" means of getting the message of Pro Life out. When anyone asks about them, I take my pin off, pull out the label and give it to the person explaing what they stand for. When my college students mention the 'a' word I remind them they should be thankful their mom didn't use the 'a' while carrying them.
By: Weldon Riggs
Inserted: 9/5/2012

The precious feet pins are one of my favorite pro-life tools, I have bought them to give away for years, I wear one practically every day and I have on numerous occasions removed my pin to give to someone who asked me about it. I try to keep a couple with me all the time because I prefer to give them one with the card to educate them on the baby's development. I also like that they are available with different cards. I have used the 40 Days ones when I sign up people for our parish's day to pray at Planned Parenthood and right now will use the vote pro-life card and feet at our Time and Talent Networking Fair. Silver is most popular but I always have some gold ones on hand.
By: KarenL
Inserted: 9/5/2012

I love my Precious Feet! I wear them ALL the time...silver, gold, pink, blue, white...LOVE THEM! My children wear the pink, blue, & white ones to school as a witness. I also sold them as a ministry fundraiser with great success. When given the opportunity, people wanted Precious Feet of their own & having the info card with pins is a wonderful educational tool.
By: Julia
Inserted: 9/4/2012

I wear these pins around campus, and I recently passed them out our Students for Life table event. We bought a lot, and there were only three left by the time the two-hour event was over! People ask about them all the time, and I love telling them what the pins represent. They are the most powerful pro-life item I wear (and I wear t-shirts and bracelets all the time!), because they add a reality to my argument that nothing else does. I would recommend this product!
By: Charlotte
Inserted: 9/2/2012

I remember my mom giving me my first pair of Precious Feet when I was a child, and what an overwhelmingly beautiful expression of being a voice for the voiceless it was for me then, and remains for me til this day. This little image speaks louder than thousands of words.
By: Pam A.
Inserted: 8/31/2012

Love the silver feet! I have had mine for over 10 years and they still look beautiful. Wonderful witness to life!
By: Bridget
Inserted: 8/29/2012

These little feet speak volumes to our clients! We give them to every client with a positive pregnancy test. Seeing the actual size of thier baby's feet and looking at the informaion card is such a positive pro-life tool. They make the realitiy of pregnacy come to life!
By: Mary
Inserted: 8/28/2012

I volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center. We give one of these pins to every woman that has a positive pregnancy test result. It is a great way to show the detail of a baby's development as early as 10 weeks.
By: Chris
Inserted: 8/27/2012

Terrific conversation piece ! I have been asked by several people - Doctors, grocery store clerks, and other parishioners about the pin. Now I get the chance about informing people about Pro Life.
By: Glenn
Inserted: 8/26/2012

We have bought these silver feet pins for yes. for our prolife fair booth and people LOVE them! They are always a hit at the fair. I am sure people wearing them help advertise life vs. abortion!
By: Lila
Inserted: 8/24/2012

The Precious Feet also have their own message....and speak loudly to every heart of little soft feet that never have a chance to walk. People all see them and respond. I usually keep some in my pocket to give away. I love the gold so much I had to get them in silver too!
By: Mia Archer
Inserted: 8/23/2012

This little feet are darling and perfect size. I have little feet in both gold and silver for quite some time and they still both look in excellent condition!
By: Nikki
Inserted: 8/20/2012

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